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There is a good chance that one of the Loosely Tea Company's founders hasn't yet folded the laundry from a few days ago; it's actually probably still in the washer. There is an equally good chance another forgot to put on their eye cream last night... If we remembered where we put the jar from last night. Oh, and one of us definitely forgot to take out whatever we were going to make for dinner tonight. Don't even get us started with the vitamins we're supposed to be taking or remind us about the time we fell asleep on the treadmill instead of walking on it (*ahem* Amanda). We are busy women, and busy women forget things, especially taking time out for ourselves.

What if the tea you were drinking was actually good for you? Like just drinking a cup of tea easy.

Did you wake up feeling a little puffy? We have a tea for that. Hormones out of control? Have one for that too. Noticing a few fine lines that *definitely* weren't there yesterday? We hear you. Want to take proactive steps in improving your heart health? We do too. Having challenges with sleeping, eating, acne, losing weight, having sex or going to the bathroom? We have teas for that super sexy sentence of health challenges... and more.

While nothing can replace mental & physical health practitioners, our teas are designed to be quick and easy ways to support your health & wellness goals. ⁠We know you have enough other stuff to worry about, so let us arm you with all-natural, delicious teas that you can enjoy as you work towards your well-being goals - however they may loosely be defined. Your wellness might be getting up out of bed 5 minutes earlier. It might be running a marathon. It might be watching more Netflix. It could be setting up a night time skin care routine. Or having more energy to volunteer in your community. Whatever you're doing, we're here to support you on your journey because we believe that the journey to wellness is as easy as one, two, tea.

We're so glad you joined us and can't wait to share our Loosely Teas collection with you. 


Amanda & Meg


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