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Fruit Jelly Snacks - as seen on TikTok

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Fruit Jelly Snacks - as seen on TikTok
Fruit Jelly Snacks - as seen on TikTok

Viral Tik Tok Candy | Ju-C Jelly


A Social Media Sensation!

A brand new generation of jelly candies that explode with juicy, fruity flavours! Ju-C Jellies rose to fame from the most popular social media app of 2020, TikTok. Unlike the original Ju-C jellies, these come in little peel-away containers for an easier eating experience. Taste all the goodness without missing a drop!

Only after you taste these wonderful treats will you realize why they have become such an online sensation with over 60,000,000 hits on social media. Where's your video? Order today and take the #jellyfruitchallenge!

  • There’s Simply No Other Candy That Compares
  • Tastes even better when chilled or frozen
  • Flavours in each bag are random and bags contain 8-9 candies each
  • Flavours may not be evenly distributed


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