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Shark Bite with Lollipop

Basic Moms

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Shark Bite with Lollipop

Bite this Lollipop!

Looking for a fun toy and sweet lollipop all in one! That’s what you’ll get with Kidsmania Shark Bite Lollipop. Come on, we’re all kids at heart. Give yourself a fantastic treat. This is also a laugh-inducing pick for friends and family. 

Just push the bottom and the shark comes to life! Chomp, chomp, chomp! Shark love nothing more than chomping. So let shark-y go crazy and give him more than a few bites. The shark’s neck reaches out, too, so there’s no escape! 

When you’ve devoured the lollipop candy, you’ll still have the fun and crazy shark toy. It’s a super-fun souvenir.